Regional Maths Olympiads


A Mathematical Olympiad is a problem-solving competition open to all "mathletes". The aim of the competition is to test innate problem-solving skills. The problems are restricted to those that require minimal background and high ingenuity. Since one of the goals of such olympiads is to identify talent at a young age, these olympiads are usually restricted to students not yet admitted to any undergraduate programme.

The Regional Mathematical Olympiad (RMO)

The Regional Mathematical Olympiad is a state-level examination, a stepping stone towards the national-level examination, the INMO.

Students Qualified in RMO 2020

Pracheta Agarwal
Mehul Srivastava

Students Qualified in RMO 2018

Aniket Gudipaty
Supreeti Kumari
Pracheta Agarwal
Shubhraneel Pal

Students Qualified in KVPY 2016

Mayank Jha
Sarvesh Chandra
Sidhartha Watsa
Aniket Sadashiva

Students Qualified in KVPY 2015

Name Rank
Mohit Kumar Gupta 3rd
Md. Saquib Hussain 4th
Tarush Agarwal 5th
Rishabh Sanjay 12th
Rathin Savaran Jha 13th
Ashwani Kumar 13th

Students Qualified in RMO 2011

Name Rank
Returaj Burnwal 021228
Kumar Sambhava 120150
Joydeep Gorai 120490

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