Challenges and Resilience: Stories from Prerna Classes


It was a cloudy summer morning with heavy cloud hanging over the entire sky. Last night it rained heavily. A northern breeze made the ambience more soothing. I was enjoying my morning tea and was absorbed in the mystique beauty of clouds making several geometrical patterns on the sky. Some time there would be a figure of vibrant horse, some time that of a sleeping lion; as if a canvas of Picasso’s cubism form. Suddenly my phone rang. I normally don’t expect phone at this early morning. I received the call. It was some Mr. Singh, from Delhi. He was some one from the corridor of power, working for one Central minister. He got to know about us from none other than Mr. Anand of Super Thirty. He said he would be coming to Jamshedpur and would meet us. From his voice I could sense that this man would be a disturbing element. I told him to give me a call before coming to our office.

Roughly a week after I got a phone call from same person requesting us to meet him at city S.P residence. We reached there in due time. City S.P was a very decent young man and greeted us cordially. He was from rural Bihar and knows about us from his college days. On interacting with him one thing became pretty clear that this meeting was solely orchestrated by Mr. Singh and the city S.P had no clue of it. Now it was Mr. Singh’s turn who said about the purpose of calling us. He had a son whom he wanted to put in Prerna Classes. He was interested in the top batch to which Vikas said that the batch formation are made purely on merit basis, and no other factors would be considered. The meeting ended abruptly and we came back.

When the merit list was published, Mr. Singh didn’t find his sons name in our merit batch. At around evening time he phoned me “Mishra Jee would you like to face E.D and CBI. Should I send them”. I replied “it is your wish, you may be powerful, can even send some unit of army, but that’s not going to impress us.” After few months in one Sunday while I was driving my car, I saw the same Mr. Singh near my office with his son, who was attending classes in our A0 batch. Next day I went to office and asked my administrative officer to show batch allotment test marks. I pointed out one particular roll number and enquired how he was given A0 batch. He started fumbling and said his boss might be able to explain. That night I asked his boss about it. His answer was and I quote “I am the boss and I did some thing in the interest of Institution”. Poor fellow could not handle the pressure. I had discussed this with Vikas. We both agreed that our institute was in wrong hand.

Probably in the year of 2000 or 2001, we used to conduct classes at one school in Sakchi area. One fine evening the Chairman of that school visited us and requested us to admit one boy in our existing batch. Vikas told him that his inclusion purely depends on his academic performance and suggested the boy to appear our weekly test. The boy had appeared and couldn’t do well. We didn’t allow him. Next evening the Chairman came and asked us to leave their premises. Just guess what had happened next? We had shifted our classes, but not succumbed to pressure. This is the difference in the attitude of people who has built this organization and the people who were planted.

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