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  Aspire 2021  
2 Year Course For JEE (Main & Advanced) 2021


This is the 2-year course primarily for students who have just passed Std. X and are admitted into Std. XI. This course can also be opted for by students going to Std. XII. The program is well suited to school going students as the classes are in the evening hours. Attempt is made to align topics parallel to the topics taught in school.



: JEE (Main & Advanced) syllabus.



: Classes will be held in the morning / evening hours.



: Rs. 1,43,000/- + GST (in Installments)

    * Installment details  


  April / Jun 2019
Rs.   35,000/- + GST


  July 2019
Rs.   39,000/- + GST


  October 2019
Rs.   39,000/- + GST


  January 2020
Rs.   30,000/- + GST
  Total   Rs. 1,43,000/- + GST

 One time payment
Rs. 1,28,000/- + GST
: April/June 2019 to April 2021  
  Batch allotment test
: 27th Jan 2019 (1st BAT)
: 31stMarch 2019 (2nd BAT)
: 01st June 2019 (3rd BAT)
  Venue - Prerna Tower, Bistupur
Forms & Prospectus cost

:Rs. 500/-
: Prerna Tower, Bistupur, Jamshedpur
  Aspire plus 2021  

Special course to improve the ranking of students chosen from interested students of Aspire course as per merit. Classes will held for one day per week during first year and two days per week during 2nd year. Selection will be done for one batch selection period at a time. Only students of Aspire 2020 are eligible.



:Rs. 45,000/- + GST